Shattil/Rozinski Photography 


September, 15-22, 2018 ~ FULL ~
$2950 per person (each cabin is a double - single supplement available)
(eight passengers)

Referencing Cloud Ridge Publishing's new book, The Salish Sea: Jewel of the Pacific Northwest, we will explore in and around the San Juan Islands through the eyes of a team of naturalists and scientists as they share their knowledge about this fascinating ecosystem. Our group will discover the diversity of habitats, plants and animals in these islands. We'll look for river otters, photograph harbor seals and Steller sea lions, kayak past eroded sandstone sculpted into whimsical shapes, and explore forests and their complex understories.

Along with his dive crew, Dr. Joe Gaydos, Chief Scientist for the SeaDoc Society's marine research and conservation program will conduct a "virtual dive" for us. They will transmit live coverage of the deep-sea world to a big-screen TV aboard the Westward for us all to enjoy--no wet suit required!

Night will find us in a cozy anchorage among the islands, sharing our observations and photos while we savor a fine dinner and a glass of wine.

Need more information? Contact Wendy at wendy@dancingpelican.com or visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Westward to learn more about the M/V Westward. To register for this trip, contact Audrey Benedict, Cloud Ridge Naturalists email: cloudridgeadb@earthlink.net or website, http://www.cloudridge.org/

Sunset among the San Juan Islands (1~6)
North American river otters frequent the shorelines. (2~6)
Exploring by kayak allows great access and quiet approaches to photo subjects. (3~6)
Bald eagle pair roosting on refuge island as we float by. (4~6)

Sea lion and harbor seals (5~6)
The M/V Westward (6~6)