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Nature Photography: Tropical Rainforest

Wildlife Photos from Central America

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* Wildlife Overview in Central America
The wildlife species featured in this portfolio and in the rest of our photo collection were photographed in Belize and Guatemala. All are native to Central America and Mexico. Some of the wildcat species we've photographed in the rainforest are glimpsed along the United States' southern border, but are considered rare and officially designated as endangered species. They are jaguar, ocelot, and jaguarundi. Their North American range once brought them more commonly into Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, but hunting and habitat changes have been instrumental in their decline.
* Habitat and Birds of the Tropics
The tropical rainforest, lagoons, and savannahs nurture birds of exquisite colors and distinctive bearing. King vulture, scarlet macaw, keel-billed toucan, ocellated turkey, and jabiru stork are unlike any species found in environments further North.
* Conservation Efforts in Central America
Species in crisis have a dedicated ally in Sharon Matola's Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center. The Zoo has done an extraordinary job presenting the importance of wildlife and environmental preservation to the entire country of Belize. Native animals are featured exclusively in the Zoo's programs, but critical issues involving the scarlet macaw, harpy eagle, jabiru stork, Baird's tapir, and hawksbill sea turtle have been given particular attention.
* Mammals of the Tropical Rainforest
The mammals of Central America, including Baird's tapir, coati, paca, howler and spider monkey, are well adapted to the tropical rainforest environment. In, around, and below the forest canopy is a bountiful ecosystem of flora and fauna.

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