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Photography of Wyoming's Red Desert

The Great Divide Basin

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* Pronghorn, Sage Grouse, and other sensitive wildlife
Large wildlife populations in the Red Desert range from big game herds of migrating elk, deer, and pronghorn antelope to nesting ferruginous hawks, sage grouse, and golden eagles. One goal of our ongoing photo project is to document many of these species in their Red Desert habitat.
* Landscapes and Wilderness Study Areas
Killpecker Dunes, the second largest active sand dune field in the world, along with a host of other wild lands provide diverse environments for common and endangered species of plants and animals. Even the names of geologic landmarks are provocative: Boar's Tusk, Buffalo Hump, Honeycomb Buttes, and Steamboat Mountain are just a few aspects of unique geology we photograph in the Red Desert.
* Oil and Gas Development
The mining industry has a visible presence in the Jack Morrow Hills, Pinedale Anticline (The Mesa), and Jonah Oil Fields in the Red Desert. These areas are represented by our aerial and ground photos of mineral exploration, as well as oil and gas wells.
* Rich Cultural History of the West
Native American habitation is part of the long history of human use of Wyoming's Red Desert. Our photographs of distinctive petroglyphs tell stories of early man and the wildlife encountered thousands of years ago. More recently, the Red Desert was a crossroad of important travel routes linking east with west, including the Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, California Trail, Pony Express, and Overland Stage. Rock art, stagecoach stops, and wagon ruts tell the story.

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