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There are few species as endangered as full time professional wildlife photographers, and Bob and Wendy are as rare as they come. Both are international award-winning shooters, well known for capturing the private moments of wildlife and the natural world with their cameras. Bob and Wendy are Senior Fellows in the International League of Conservation Photographers.

Wendy and Bob have photographed as a team since 1981, compiling 300,000 stock images of nature and wildlife. Although specializing in North American subjects and locations, they have also had assignments to faraway places such as Egypt, Belize, Namibia, South Africa and the High Arctic.

They lead a limited number of nature photography trips, and favorites include Southeast Alaska and the Pacific Northwest on the classic 12 passenger M/V Catalyst that assures intimate encounters with nature and wildlife.

The team is working on their 16th and 17th books and images appear in virtually all nature and wildlife magazines, including National Wildlife, Audubon, Smithsonian, BBC Wildlife, Natural History, Ranger Rick and National Geographic publications.

Wendy & Bob

Wendy Shattil

Wendy was the first woman awarded Grand Prize in the world's most prestigious wildlife photography contest, England's BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. "A highlight of my life was the day of the BBC awards ceremony at the London Natural History Museum. Sir David Attenborough, presenting the Grand Prize, said the most beautiful things about my photo, "Young Red Fox"."

Sir David said, "There is a golden rule in portrait photography, I'm told, which says that above all things, you must focus on the eyes. But the focusing could rarely have been more perfect than in this picture, where the depth of focus is exactly correct - from the very tip of the nose back to the tips of the ears. Beyond, the shoulders are out of focus, and the surrounding grass, with magical effect both in front and behind, has become a kind of shading that might have been produced by an artist's crayon creating an exquisite frame - for a superb portrait."

Young Red Fox

Bob and a friend

Bob Rozinski is a First Prize winner in the international NATURE'S BEST photography competition. His winning image, coincidentally, was the infamous "Dancing Pelican". Bob tells the story behind this unique image:

"I'd been sitting in a blind for hours photographing a very shy soft-shelled turtle when a flock of white pelicans landed in the pond in front of me. The water was ankle-deep to a pelican, and they had to feed by tilting their heads sideways in the shallow water. The photo was taken when this bird reached with its foot to scrape dried mud off the side of its head. Even though the pelican is not performing an exotic dance, it still makes me smile to remember that extraordinary moment."

Bob's refined eye for the unique evolved from a photojournalism background when he covered sports and current events for the Associated Press. He converted these skills to nature subjects out of a deep love for the outdoors. Bob's eloquent and entertaining speaking style puts him in demand for teaching workshops and presenting slide programs.

The Dancing Pelican

Wendy & Bob

The team of Shattil and Rozinski survived and conquered the grueling six month long Texas Valley Land Fund photo competition, winning the Grand Prize in their first attempt. They were twice Artists in Residence at Rocky Mountain National Park and are Department Associates at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Wendy and Bob are recipients of the prestigious Philip Hyde Grant for environmental photography. They received the Conservationist of the Year and Business of the Year Awards from the Colorado Wildlife Federation and Denver Audubon's Environmental Stewardship Award.

Photo credits extend to hundreds of magazines and books including:

Wendy and Bob work in cooperation with many individuals, organizations, and businesses to photographically document wildlife and nature. In addition to private landowners, biologists, National Wildlife Refuges, National Parks and Monuments, State Parks and agencies, they have partnered with:

  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • The Audubon Society
  • U.S. Army (Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR)
  • Programme for Belize
Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR

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The Dancing Pelican