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Prairie Vision: Images from a Sea of Grass

Photographs of North American grasslands

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Our photos are featured in an exhibit at The Wildlife Experience Museum south of Denver, Colorado. Our menagerie includes images of the following animals:

  • Swift Fox Stretching - Named for its speed, the swift fox is surely a creature of the short grass prairie, where it relies on quickness to run down its prey.

  • Bison and Black-tailed prairie dog - Evolution brought these two species together as grazing patterns by bison created suitable for prairie dog towns.

  • Lesser Prairie Chickens - An endangered ground-dwelling bird, this prairie chicken's dwindling home range is sagebrush and shortgrass prairie.

  • Burrowing Owls are small robin-sized raptors that are efficient hunters of insects and rodents. They nest underground in burrows created by prairie dogs, badgers, and other mammals that excavate the prairie.

  • Ducks at Sunrise - A wetland pond is a magnet for most creatures of the prairie. It's a habitat oasis, offering food, water, and shelter.

  • Pronghorn Antelope have the advantage of exceptional vision to see motion up to four miles away. As the fastest North American mammals, they can flee from danger at 30-40 miles per hour.

  • Black Footed Ferret - Taken from the verge of extinction, endangered ferrets have been reintroduced into prairie dog towns across the western states.

  • A Honeybee gathers pollen from a blanketflower, a colorful composite that is a native of the plains.

  • With heavy spring rainfall, Woodhouse's toads emerge from deep burrows by the thousands to breed.

  • Prairie Dogs live in family groups called coteries and have a complex social structure. They're alert near their underground burrows, ready to warn the colony of danger with their piercing bark.

  • One of the prairie's most identifiable sounds is the Western Meadowlark's song. Similar in appearance to the Eastern Meadowlark, they're best differentiated by song.

  • Foggy Bison Morning - A herd of American Bison in the early morning evokes an ancient and mysterious feeling. We could only imagine the sight and sound of millions of these ungulates that used to rumble across the prairie.

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