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A Gathering of Horses

Photographs of the American West

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Cowboys, horses, and animals in the American West are among our favorite photographic subjects. We document a way of life that used to be. Here are descriptions of some of our photos:

  • 'Equus Fantasy' - thundering horse herds running free in a mountain meadow

  • Cowboys and cowgirls riding the range or loping up a sagebrush hillside

  • A horse drive at sunrise depicts the romance of the American West

  • Silhouettes of cowboys and horses on a dusty trail at the end of the day

  • Hundreds of bison rumble across the prairie as far as the eye can see

  • 'Only A Cowboy' - A quiet study of personal items that can only belong to a cowboy

  • 'Flying Arab' - A slow shutter speed captures the speed of a galloping Arabian horse

  • 'Riding the Rainbow' - A sagebrush hillside and horseback cowboy are framed by a rainbow following a brief summer storm.

  • 'Black Stallion's Dream' - Kicking up his heels while galloping across a meadow, this horse is feeling his oats.

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